Table 3

Risk factors associated with admission to ICU

VariableIncidenceUnadjusted p valueAdjusted p valueAdjusted OR95% CI
ICU n = 37 (%)No ICU n = 572 (%)
Incidence, number of patients for which this variable occurred. Unadjusted p value, univariate analysis. Adjusted p value, p value adjusted for all other variables. *Continuous variable so that the OR increases incrementally with each unit increase in variable; †median (SD); RR, respiratory rate; AMS, altered mental state; NA, not applicable
Pulse*110 (30)†100 (18)†0.02< to 1.04
RR*24 (8.5)†20 (5.4)†<0.01< to 1.14
Jaundice3 (8)12 (2) to 20.4
Splenectomy2 (5)3 (0.6)<0.010.17NA
AMS10 (27)74 (13)0.020.21NA