Table 4

Variables associated with length of stay* in hospital

VariableIncidence n = 609 (%)Unadjusted p valueAdjusted p valueParameter estimateStandard error
*Length of stay was log transformed for analysis. Incidence, number of patients for which this variable occurred. Unadjusted p value, univariate analysis. Adjusted p value, p value adjusted for all other variables. †Continuous variable so that the OR increases incrementally with each unit increase in variable; ‡median (SD); §correlation between continuous variables; Focal neuro, focal neurological signs; Travel, travel to an endemic malarial area; Cardiac, cardiac disease affecting daily activity; Pos BC, positive blood cultures. Other abbreviations as in table 3.
Jaundice15 (2.5)<0.01<0.010.790.20
Age†54 (22)‡0.36§<0.010.01<0.01
RR†20 (5.7)‡0.23§
Focal neuro18 (3)<
CMS84 (14)<
Diabetes80 (13)<0.010.08
Headache157 (26)<0.010.12
Travel30 (4.9)0.010.43
Rigors177 (29.1)0.010.51
Muscle pain115 (18.9)0.010.60
Cardiac89 (14.6)0.020.32
Pos BC79 (13)0.030.83
Vomiting158 (26)0.040.85
Malignancy78 (13)0.040.10
No focus found423 (70)0.040.92