Table 3

Diagnoses at discharge (ICD-9 categories) in patients admitted to ED or to MD wards

Diagnoses at discharge
ICD-9 diagnostic categoryNumber%Number%
ED ward versus medical wards, χ2 = 178.6; df = 14; p<0.001.
Injuries and adverse effects (800–999)14626.321.2
Signs, symptoms, and ill defined conditions (780–796)12722.8148.5
Diseases of genitourinary system (580–629)6111.063.6
Diseases of circulatory system (390–459)5610.14930.1
Diseases of digestive system (520–579)468.3148.5
Infective diseases (001–139)264.763.6
Mental diseases (290–319)234.174.2
Diseases of musculoskeletal system (710–739)213.8106.1
Disease of nervous system and sense organs (320–389)193.431.8
Diseases of respiratory system (460–519)162.974.2
Endocrine, nutritional, metabolic disease (240–279)10.22213.5
Neoplasm (140–239)91.6159.2
Diseases of skin and subcutaneous tissue (680–709)40.731.8
Congenital anomalies (740–759)10.2
Diseases of blood and blood forming organs (280–289)53.1
All diagnostic categories556100.0163100