Table 3

‚ÄÉTransport equipment available to UK emergency departments

Equipment availableEquipment functionNumber of EDs (%)
CVP, central venous pressure; PEEP, positive end-expiratory pressure.
Transport monitor specificationInvasive BP121 (87%)
CVP108 (78%)
End tidal CO2113 (81%)
Core temperature82 (59%)
Ventilator specificationPressure display92 (66%)
Pressure alarm95 (68%)
Disconnect alarm81 (58%)
I:E ratio setting75 (54%)
PEEP74 (53%)
Dedicated transfer trolley18 (13%)
Trolley equipment bridge45 (32%)
Personal protective clothing82 (59%)
Mobile phone for emergency use during transfers34 (24%)
Departmental credit card for emergency use by staff0 (0%)