Table 2

Association of complications with confounding factors

Outcome complicationLow dose 2.0 mg/kg fraction (%)High dose 2.5+mg/kg fraction (%)OR (not adj)Confidence intervals (exact Fisher)OR (adj)Confidence intervals
*Five missing; †one missing. One other association that may be of interest is that vomiting is associated with ages 3 to 7, and the odds ratio persists even when other confounders are adjusted for. The adjusted odds ratio is 3.18, the CI being (1.79 to 5.66). LA, local anaesthesia.
Oxy sat <930/294(0.0)7/207(3.4)See text0.0(0 to infinity)
Restraint (sut)28/289(9.7)*30/207(14.5)0.63(0.35 to 1.34)0.65(0.36 to 1.18)
Restraint (LA)12/294(4.8)19/207(9.2)0.42(0.18 to 0.94)0.38(0.17 to 0.86)
Salivation23/294(7.8)37/207(17.9)0.39(0.21 to 0.70)0.41(0.22 to 0.75)
Dysphoria2/293†(0.7)9/207(4.3)0.15(0.016 to 0.74)0.0(0 to infinity)
Vomiting47/289*(16.3)38/207(18.4)0.86(0.53 to 1.43)0.79(0.48 to 1.31)