Table 3

 The 11 discrepancies with a mean score less than −1. The second column details the diagnosis missed

Gold standardError madeMean error scoreError source
Conjunctival lacerationLaceration missed−2.5Onsite specialist
Undisplaced fracture of the distal fibulaFracture missed−1.8Telemedicine
Compound finger fractureFracture missed−1.6Telemedicine
Greenstick fracture of the distal radiusFracture missed−1.6Telemedicine
Infected hand lacerationInfection missed−1.6Telemedicine
Infected shoulder abrasionInfection missed−1.4Telemedicine
Fractured clavicleFracture missed−1.2Telemedicine
Calf cellulitisInfection missed−1.2Telemedicine
Fractured clavicleFracture misdiagnosed−1.2Onsite specialist
Avulsion fracture from the tip of the olecranonFracture missed−1.2Telemedicine
Knee laceration with an underlying patella fractureFracture missed−1.1Onsite specialist