Interviewer assessment (IA) of alcohol intoxication

Based on your observation and descriptions given below please circle an appropriate figure in the right column
It is impossible to establish a meaningful communication with a person. It is unclear whether a person is uncooperative (soporose/comatose) because of alcohol intoxication or other medical condition, or both.
It is obvious that a person is severely intoxicated even without any interaction with him/her. It is possible to establish communication with a person, though communication and interaction are severely impaired because of intoxication.
It is obvious that a person is intoxicated if interacting with him/her or when performing coordination demanding tasks. However, alcohol intoxication is not obvious for other people without interaction or performance of coordination demanding tasks.
This person is intoxicated, but it is not obvious for other people even if interacting with him/her.
Alcohol involvement, not otherwise specified Please specify reason:
Not intoxicated at all