Table 4

 Ward management

19992001p Value
*Excludes patients who self discharged within 24 hours; †excludes self discharges, deaths, and transfers to other wards/hospitals and patients who remained in hospital for more than two days. RIE, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.
Number of patients admitted to RIE ward109157
Assessed on admission97 (89%)133 (85%)0.36
Self discharged within 24 hours22 (20%)18 (11%)0.056
Documented review within 24 hours*81 (93%)120 (86%)0.13
Complete review within 24 hours
    All admissions6/87 (7%)39/139 (28%)<0.001
    If any review undertaken6/81 (7%)39/120 (32%)<0.001
No fulfilling “safe discharge” from ward†38/76 (50%)99/112 (88%)<0.001