Table 1

 Mechanism of trauma and associated injuries of patients with TA before the operation

CaseMechanism of traumaInjuriesCompTIAb painRTFever (°C)WBC (/mm3)Urine analysis
*TI, time interval: the interval between traumatic insult and operation time. Comp, complications; Ab, abdominal; RT, rebound tenderness; MVA, motor vehicle accident; RH, retroperitoneal haematoma; HL, hepatic laceration; HS, hypovolaemic shock; DR, diaphragmatic rupture; SL, splenic laceration; WBC, white blood cell.
1MVAHLHS6Diffuse+36.518 70020–25 erythrocytes
2MVAHL, DR, RHHS3Diffuse+38.519 500Normal
3MVARH, fracture of the right fibula, costal fractures (9–12)9Diffuse+36.812 200Normal
4FallHead trauma, chest trauma, intraperitoneal free air6Diffuse+36.717 700Abundant erythrocytes
5MVASL, DR, rupture of the left ureteropelvic junction3Diffuse+37.119 400Abundant erythrocytes