Table 2

 Clinical features, laboratory findings and outcomes of four patients of maduramicin poisoning

VictimFacial sweating, muscle pains, and areflexiaSerum K/Ca mmols/LCPK–MM isoenzyme U/L (normal = 24–170 U/L)Renal function tests Ur/CrSerum AST/ALT µkat/LNCV and EMGBlood pH/HCO3Outcome
+, mild symptoms; ++, severe symptoms; ALT, alanine aminotransaminase; AST, aspartate aminotransaminase; CPK–MM, creatinine phosphokinase MM isoenzyme; EMG, electromyography; HCO3, serum bicarbonate in mmols/L; NCV, nerve conduction velocity; PN, polyneuropathy; Ser K/Ca, serum potassium/serum calcium; Ur/Cr, blood urea in mmols/L/serum creatinine in µmols/L.
1++6.2/2.09220024.9/1501.28/1.57PN7.25/16Died 24 hours after admission
2++6.2/1.816325012.5/1001.80/1.48PN7.24/20Died 48 hours after admission of respiratory failure