Table 4
Author, country, datePatient groupStudy typeOutcomesKey resultsStudy weaknesses
Reymond MA et al, 1992, Switzerland189 patients with severe head injuryRetrospective Risk analysisChronic subdural haematomaAspirin is a risk factor for chronic subdural haematomaRetrospective nature of the study
Mina AA et al, 2002, USA37 patients admitted with intracranial injury on anticoagulants 37 case matched patientsRetrospective case controlledMortality due to head injuryHigher percentage of those on aspirin than any other anticoagulant diedRetrospective, Subgroup analysis, and small sample size
Spektor S et al, 2003, IsraelMild (GCS13-15) and moderate (GCS 9-12) head injuries in 231 patients >60 years old. 110 of which were on aspirin therapyProspective cohort studyIntracranial haemorrhageNo difference in frequency or type of ICH whether on aspirin or notSmall sample size.
Mild & moderate injuries included