Table 1

 Sensitivity analysis showing the effect of variation in the proportion admitted with routine care and direct cost of providing CPOU care on the difference in cost per patient and cost effectiveness (cost per QALY)

Proportion admitted with routine care
Positive values indicate that CPOU costs more—figure in parenthesis is the incremental cost per QALY.
Negative values indicate that CPOU costs less and dominates routine care—no cost per QALY calculated.
CPOU, chest pain observation unit; QALY, quality adjusted life year.
Direct cost of providing CPOU care
    +£80£119 (£8694 per QALY)£73 (£5278 per QALY)£26 (£1862 per QALY)−£21−£68
    +£60£99 (£7234 per QALY)£53 (£3818 per QALY)£6 (£402 per QALY)−£41−£88
    +£40£79 (£5774 per QALY)£33 (£2358 per QALY)−£14−£61−£108
    +£20£59 (£4314 per QALY)£13 (£898 per QALY)−£34−£81−£128
    Baseline£39 (£2854 per QALY)−£7−£54−£101−£148
    −£20£19 (£1394 per QALY)−£27−£74−£121−£168