Table 2

 Rogers’ classification of innovation characteristics

Relative advantageTriage does not work in the patient’s best interests.
It is another method of queuing, causes delays and promotes ineffective working practices.
Some participants insist a form of triage is still needed.
CompatibilitySee and Treat is compatible with the needs of patients and staff.
It eradicates excessive waiting.
ComplexitySee and Treat is simple to communicate and operate.
Potential adopters do not need specialist equipment or expert knowledge.
TrialabilitySee and Treat can be tested over a short period with little pre-planning.
The A&E consultant often adopts the role of lead person with the help of a senior nurse.
The results are rapid in that usually the waiting room clears quickly.
ObservabilitySee and Treat is particularly easy to observe and results are immediate.
Positive observations include a less crowded waiting room, shorter waiting times, and improved staff morale.