Table 1

 Reason for attending A&E rather than GP, and utilisation delay times (Tu), showing comparisons Wales versus Lancaster21

ReasonWest WalesLancasterComparison of “reason” Wales:Lancs (%)*
n%Median Tu (mins)n%Median Tu (mins)
*Numbers in this column are the totals of the numbers in column 6.
A&E more appropriate than GP8325.9604017.28132.5: 32.2
GP would send me anyway216.6903515.0156
Referred by GP4313.477.52912.336018.1: 23.8
Advised by others than GP154.7302711.5126
Quicker, wait too long for GP appointment4012.5903515.0138
More convenient than GP268.1602310.04844.4: 42.4
GP surgery closed/not available4714.760219.860
No GP/GP more than 25 miles away299.145187.681
Already tried GP without good outcome154.7105