Table 2

 Tutor response to case based learning versus lecture format (n = 8)7

% Strongly disagree←→% Strongly agree
Questions12345Class mean
1. The cases presented were interesting and involved several disciplines00050504.5
2. The cases presented were relevant to final year dental students00050504.5
3. The course was well organised0012.537.5504.37
4. The cases facilitated active discussion at the seminars012.512.550253.87
5. Case based learning is a worthwhile progression from problem based learning0012.52562.54.5
6. Case based learning helped to improve my diagnostic skills and lateral thinking00062.537.54.37
7. Case based learning improved my ability at treatment plan002537.537.54.12
8. This teaching method is a useful preparation in clinical problem solving00037.562.54.62
9. The discussion sessions facilitated interaction between staff and students00050504.7
10. I enjoyed case based learning0012.537.5504.37
Composite mean4.37