Table 1

 Thoracic trauma severity score

GradePaO2/FiO2Rib fractureContusionPleural involvementAgePoints
PT, pneumothorax; HT, haemothorax; HPT, haemopneumothorax; TPT, tension pneumothorax. For calculation of the total score, all catogories were summed. A minimum value of 0 points and a maximum value of 25 points can be achieved.
I300–4001–31 lobe, unilateralPT30–411
II200–3003–61 lobe bilateral or 2 lobes unilateralHT/HPT unilateral42–542
III150–200>3 bilateral<2 lobes bilateralHT/HPT bilateral55–703
IV<150Flail chest<2 lobes bilateralTPT>705