Table 1

 Baseline demographic and medical history data

VariableBenzylpenicillin and flucloxacillinFlucloxacillin alonep
Data are presented as absolute numbers and proportions in contiguous columns for each treatment group. The last column presents the p value for the difference between groups (χ2 or Yates’ corrected χ2 as appropriate). The first row presents the mean age in years with 95% confidence intervals, the final column for age provides a p value for the t test comparing theses means, the mean difference and 95% CI. IVD, intravenous drug misuse.
Age (years)44.9 (40.1 to 49.7)46.4 (40.6 to 52.1)0.68 −1.50 (−8.9 to 5.9)
Sex (M/F)35/60.85/0.1430/100.75/0.250.24
Symptoms prior to presentation
Pre-existing medical conditions
Varicose eczema30.0710.020.61*
Other pre-existing disease30.0710.020.61*
    History of direct trauma110.28140.350.63*
    History of friction trauma80.2080.201.0*
    Past history of cellulitis130.3290.220.45*