Table 1

 Diagnostic studies for analysis

AuthorCountry and yearInclusion criteriaOutpatients (%)Prevalence of PESensitivitySpecificityStudy appraisal scores: 0 = no criteria fulfilled, 1 = only some criteria fulfilled, 2 = all criteria fulfilled
Reference standardStudy cohortIncluded patientsExcluded patientsCTPA protocol
CTPA, computer tomography pulmonary angiogram; PE, pulmonary embolism; VQ, ventilation-perfusion scan.
Nilsson et al15Sweden 2002Emergency department patients suspected of PE100%37%30/3355/5721112
Qanadli et al16France 2000Patients referred for radiological investigation of PE87%39%56/5989/9221122
Remy-Jardin et al17France 199232 patients suspected of PE and 10 with abnormal chest x raysUnknown54%18/1823/2421102
von Steiner et al18Germany 1994Patients suspected of PEUnknown79%30/308/801101
Sostman et al19USA 1996Patients suspected of PEUnknown38%9/1314/1521111
Stone et al20Australia 2003Patients with non-diagnostic VQ scansUnknown28%4/717/1801111
Garg et al21USA 1998Patients with non-diagnostic VQ scan, some had normal lower limb ultrasoundUnknown20%4/618/1821112
Goodman et al22USA 1995Patients with non-diagnostic VQs and normal ultrasoundUnknown55%7/118/921112
Remy-Jardin et al23France 1996Patients referred for pulmonary angiographyUnknown62%39/4025/2521112
Drucker et al24USA 1998Patients referred for pulmonary angiographyUnknown32%8/1531/3201111
Ruiz et al25Spain 2003Patients referred for pulmonary angiographyUnknown38%22/2530/3521112
Winer-Muram et al26USA 2004Patients referred for pulmonary angiographyUnknown19%18/1867/7521112
Christiansen et al27Sweden 1997Patients with high clinical suspicion of PEUnknown31%19/2240/4421001