Table 2

 Follow up studies for analysis

AuthorCountry and yearInclusion criteriaOutpatients (%)Prevalence of PEFalse negatives (%)Study appraisal scores: 0 = no criteria fulfilled, 1 = only some criteria fulfilled, 2 = all criteria fulfilled.
Follow upStudy cohortIncluded patientsExcluded patientsCTPA protocol
Musset et al28France 2002All patients suspected of pulmonary embolism77%35%68/63821112
Tillie-Leblond et al29France 2002All patients suspected of pulmonary embolism85%30%19/20111212
van Strijen et al30Holland 2003All patients suspected of pulmonary embolism54%24%5/37821112
Perrier et al31Switzerland, France 2004Elevated D-dimer and normal ultrasound100%23%9/41321222
Perrier et al32Switzerland, France 2005Elevated D-dimer or high clinical probability of pulmonary embolism100%26%8/32421212
Ferretti et al33France 1997Normal ultrasound and intermedate VQ scan35%24%7/11211112
Ost et al34USA 2001Patients with high clinical probability of PE and non-diagnostic VQ scanUnknown27%3/7111112
Remy-Jardin et al35France 2002Patients referred for CT pulmonary angiogram17%18%11/17311112
Friera et al36Spain 2004Patients referred for CT pulmonary angiogramUnknown25%1/11511102
Revel et al37France 2005Patients referred for CT pulmonary angiogram44%24%7/14011102
Prologo et al38USA 2005Patients referred for CT pulmonary angiographyUnknown10%2/19811112