Table 6

 Adjusted hazard ratio (HR) from multivariate regression and a 95% confidence interval (CI) for selected categories of death (ICD-10 in parentheses), according to sex, age (in years), and the patient’s highest number of visits in any single calendar year

Chronic lower respiratory diseases (J40–J47)External causes of injury and poisoning (V01–Y89)Accidental intoxication by drugs and chemicals (X40–X49)Suicide and injury, undetermined how inflicted (X60–X84, Y10–Y34)
nHR95% CInHR95% CInHR95% CInHR95% CI
Ref, reference value. *Age in years.
Women601.00.7 to 1.4390.50.4 to 0.7100.80.3 to 1.9160.60.3 to 1.0
Age*1.11.1 to to to to 1.0
1 visit801.0Ref771.0Ref91.0Ref261.0Ref
2 visits181.50.9 to 2.6192.01.2 to 3.376.42.4 to to 5.7
3+ visits61.70.7 to 4.0133.92.1 to 7.0512.84.3 to 38.676.32.7 to 14.6