Table 3

 Waiting times: regression analysis parameter estimates (n = 4056†)

VariableFactor levelsβ coefficientSignificanceSE
*p<0.01, **p<0.001.
†1733 attendees with available waiting times excluded due to missing explanatory variable values.
‡Deliberate self harm.
Study periodPre-intervention v intervention0.0690.133
Pre-intervention v post-intervention−0.337*0.112
DSH‡ diagnosisDSH v no DSH−0.564**0.104
Arrival modeEmergency ambulance v own arrangements−0.441**0.099
Emergency ambulance v police/prison escort0.2650.322
Emergency ambulance v other mode of arrival−0.4430.257
Arrival time band2 am–8 am v 8 am–2 pm−0.0690.165
2 am–8 am v 2 pm–8 pm−0.770**0.153
2 am–8 am v 8 pm–2 am−0.752**0.150
Triage categoryNormal/routine v immediate3.758**0.237
Normal/routine v urgent0.486**0.104
See psychiatric nurseSee psychiatric nurse v not see psychiatric nurse−1.522**0.211
No. of A&E attendancesNA0.023**0.002
SiteHospital 2 v hospital 1−0.586**0.156