Table 1

 Group derived list of clinical interventions

CT, computed tomography; DPL, diagnostic peritoneal lavage; ED, emergency department; FAST, focused abdominal sonogram for trauma; PoP, plaster cast application.
1Blood within 30 minutes of arrival at ED
2Cardiac arrest protocol (pulse present on first triage)
3Chest drain insertion
5CT abdomen/chest within 1 hour of arrival
6CT head within 1 hour of arrival
7Direct pressure to control severe haemorrhage
8DPL or FAST ultrasound in ED
9Escharotomy in ED
10External pelvic fixation within 1 hour
11Fluid resuscitation in excess of 20 ml/kg
12Intravenous analgesia in ED
13Intubation and ventilation (unless non-emergent—for example, CT)
14Laryngeal mask airway (unless non-emergent)
15Long bone splint application (femur)
16Long bone splint application (lower leg)
17Nasopharyngeal airway insertion for airway protection
18Needle cricothyrotomy
19Needle thoracocentesis
20Opiate analgesia (not intravenous)
21Oropharyngeal airway insertion for airway protection
23Plaster of paris application (forearm)
24Plaster of paris application (long arm)
25Plaster of paris application (long leg PoP)
26Simple dressing application
27Sling application
29Tourniquet to control severe haemorrhage
30Need a laparotomy within 1 hour
31Need a laparotomy within 6 hours
32Need a laparotomy within 1 day
33Need a thoracotomy in ED
34Need a thoracotomy within 1 hour
35Need a thoracotomy within 6 hours
36Need a thoracotomy within 1 day
37Need theatre within 1 hour (other operation)
38Need theatre within 6 hours (other operation)
39Need theatre within 1 day (other operation)