Table 3

 Questionnaire and results of survey from major incidents coordinators

YesNoRefusedNo responses despite several attempts via telephone and/or emails
How many real trials in past 5 years or as far back as you can remember14–ranging from 2–53413
How many practice runs in past 5 years—full blown14–ranging from 2 yearly 1 in 5 years3
Are you planning any trials?611
Presentation at introduction for new juniors134
Regular meetings for update of plan16–ranging from monthly to yearly meetings1
Were any mistakes identified in last trial or real practice?13
What is the limiting factor for not having trials or regular meetings or not being able to fix known problems in major incident plans: funding, time, lack of person in charge of major incident planning,communition/technology?9 No budget
8 No set person
5 Not necessary technology exp communication
1 Low on list of priority
6 Lack of time