Table 3

 Presentation of Chinese Health Questionnaire-12 symptoms of all emergency department and psychiatric ward staff

CHQ-12 symptomsSeverity
n (%)
CHQ-12, Chinese Health Questionnaire-12.
Staff who rated “0” were negative for the symptom.
*The total number of staff who rated “1” severity.
Having headaches or pressure26* (28.6)
Having headaches or psychological pressure8* (8.8)
Having palpitations and worrying about heart trouble8* (8.8)
Having discomfort or feeling of pressure in the chest6* (6.6)
Experiencing shaking or numbness in the limbs19* (20.9)
Losing much sleep due to worry32* (35.2)
Taking things hard15* (16.7)
Not getting along with your family or friends10* (11.1)
Losing confidence in yourself29* (32.2)
Feeling nervous and strung-out all the time33* (36.7)
Worrying about your family or close friends57* (63.3)
Feeling that life is entirely hopeless16* (17.8)