Table 2

 Data relating to where patients attended initially

Type of facility patient attended initiallyType of facility where patient was recorded as being seen
Intervention A&E n = 113Intervention walk-in centre n = 220Intervention combined n = 333Control A&E n = 362p Value*
A&E, accident and emergency; NHS, National Health Service.
Values are expressed as count (%).
*Comparison between intervention combined and control sites, using appropriate regression models, allowing for clustering and sampling probability. Percentages in table also take account of the probability of being sampled.
A&E95 (84.4)170 (79.3)265 (82.7)333 (92.3)0.001
NHS walk-in centre15 (12.7)40 (14.9)55 (13.4)12 (3.0)
Somewhere else3 (2.9)10 (5.8)13 (3.9)17 (4.7)