1Does your department have a written protocol for management of suspected child abuse?Yes/No
Please forward a copy
2Are local Area Child Protection Committee procedures available in the department?Yes/No
3Do you check the child protection register for children attending the department?No
Yes – all children
Yes – children in whom there are suspicions. *Please specify what would trigger this
4If so, is this:A list kept in A&E
A database accessible from A&E
By telephoning the register
5Do you have a check list of concerning presentations?Yes/No
6If yes, could you please list or forward the items on your check list.
7Do you have a lead professional for child protection within the A&E department?Yes – Doctor
Yes – nurse
8Do you know how to contact the trust named doctor and named nurse for child protection?Yes, named doctor
Yes, named nurse
9Who do you contact first if a staff member has a concern of a child protection matter?Senior nurse A&E
Senior doctor A&E
Hospital social worker
Other social worker
Other (describe)
10Do you have any regular liaison on child protection issues?Yes/No
11If so, please describe who with and how frequently
12Do you have a training programme in child protection?Yes, regular
Yes, ad hoc
13If so, who participates?Nursing staff
Medical staff
Non-clinical staff
14Do new staff receive child protection training as part of their induction?Yes, nursing staff
Yes, medical staff
Yes, non-clinical staff
15Please complete your title and grade
16How many years have you been in post?
17Is your departmentA general A&E
A children’s A&E