Table 2

 Emergency Severity Index comparison of baseline characteristics between the study population and the other self-referred patients during the study period

Study (triaged)patients, (%)Other self-referred patients (%)p Value
ECG, electrocardiogram; GP, general practitioner; NS, not significant.
Patients (n)18321871
Sex (male)1074 (59)1090 (58)NS
Average (range) age (years)33 (14–92)33 (14–88)NS
Use of resources
    None1112 (61)1183 (63)NS
    Blood tests185 (10)192 (10)NS
    Urine analysis124 (7)109 (6)NS
    x Ray423 (23)416 (22)NS
    ECG107 (6)116 (6)NS
    Specialist consultation308 (17)333 (18)NS
    Admission65 (4)93 (5)NS
    Discharge—refer to specialist clinic288 (16)318 (17)NS
    Discharge—refer to GP420 (23)374 (20)NS
    Discharge—no follow-up1050 (57)1112 (59)NS