Table 3

 Advice given on management of patient at home

Adults(total = 27)n (%)Children(total = 20)n (%)
N/A, not applicable.
1.Alcohol abstinence22 (81)N/A
2.Resting/sleeping21 (78)10 (50)
3.Medication—avoid sedatives/sleeping tablets13 (48)N/A
4.Avoid contact sports12 (44)6 (30)
5.Appropriate analgesia14 (52)14 (70)
6.Avoid operating machinery4 (15)N/A
7.Avoid driving9 (33)N/A
8.Time frame—avoid alcohol/operating machinery11 (41)N/A
9.Advice to stay with relatives/friends20 (74)N/A
10.Advice to carer/friend to test responsiveness8 (30)N/A
11.Advice to parent/carer to observe childN/A10 (20)
12.Advice to parent/carer to wake child fully to assess responsivenessN/A14 (70)