Table 1

‚ÄÉCase reports of naloxone use in acute valproic acid toxicity

ReferenceAge of patientPlasma valproate concentration (mg/l)Naloxone doseResponse to naloxone
Steiman et al 197919 months1850.01 mg/kgComa reversed after 3 min. After 20 min, somnolence reversed with a second dose
Espinoza et al 20013 yearsNot recorded0.1 mgComa and respiratory depression reversed within minutes
Roberge et al 200144 years1382 mgObtundation reversed; response to a second dose after relapse at 1 h
Alberto et al 198922 years180.42 mgSomnolence and respiratory depression reversed in 1 min
Montero 199921 years487.80.4 mgImprovement in conscious level within minutes on both occasions
then 0.8 mg