Table 3 Further consultations and reasons for consultations
RespondentInitial service receivedFollow-up consultation(s)Reason for follow-up consultation(s)
1. User no 3: mother of 9-month-old girl with infected eczemaBase visitWent to named GP surgery next dayWanted a prescription for the same day
2. User no 9: woman, 41 years old, stomach painsTelephone adviceTo A&ENo call back after telephone triage, problem unresolved
3. User no 21: woman, 51 years old, in painHome visit*Contacted GP surgery → called ambulance → to A&E → called ambulance → to A&E → hospital admission → referred to consultant pain specialistProblem unresolved. Wanted to go into hospital, delay in referral
4. User no 24: man, 89 years old, in painHome visit*Went to named GP surgery → to A&E → back to named GP surgeryProblem unresolved, wanted to go into hospital
  • *Multiple contacts with the service.

  • *Multiple contacts with the service.