Table 1 Components of the medical system operated at the event
Medical teams at the1 Ambulance, 5 mobile ICU. 5 ALS providers, 12EMS at the scene
sceneBLS providers from neighbouring military clinics20 Ambulances
6 Non-designated military vehicles.10 mobile ICU
10 ALS providers
30 BLS providers
Medical teams for secondary transfer3 Medical helicopters with air force medical teams for secondary distribution (altogether 3 doctors, 3EMS from Barzilai Hospital to the helipad
paramedics, 3 medics, commander)3 Mobile ICU
1 BLS ambulance
Secondary medicalFour level one trauma centres
institutionsOne level two general hospital
Medical commandMinistry of health operational centreEMS south and central operation centre
and operationsIDF surgeon general operational centrePolice command
Southern command medical operational centreBarzilai Hospital headquarters
HFC medical operational centreSoroka, Sheba, Beilinson and Hadassah
Israeli Air Force operational centreHospitals headquarters
Gaza northern brigade medical operational centre
Gaza division medical operational centre
Military training camp medical operational centre
  • ALS, advanced life support; BLS, basic life support; EMS, emergency medical services; HFC, Home Front Command; ICU, intensive care unit; IDF, Israeli Defence Force.