Table 1

Emergency triage assessment and treatment signs and symptoms assessed to place a patient in the emergency category

Any positive finding requires immediate admission to resuscitation room
AAirway—blue lips, not breathing, abnormal breathing sounds
BBreathing—great effort to breathe, tiring
CCirculation—cold hands and prolonged capillary refill time >3 s
CComa—on the AVPU scale—only responding to painful stimulus or unresponsive
CConvulsion—evidence of convulsion with emphasis on looking for subtle seizures
CConfusion—the restless, hallucinating child
DDehydration—a history of vomiting and/or diarrhoea, and of prolonged skin pinch, sunken eyes and lethargy
  • AVPU, A (Alert) V (respond to Voice) P (respond to Painful stimuli) U (Unresponsive).