Table 4

Differences between education variables and acuity rating scores

Variablesn (%)Mean±SEtp Value
Received triage education before (N=279)4.74*0.001
 Yes133 (47.7)6.06±0.13
 No146 (52.3)5.21±0.12
Hours of triage education−5.65*0.001
 <8 h69 (51.9)5.42±0.18
 ≥8 h64 (48.1)6.75±0.15
Types of triage education method4.96*0.001
 Interaction teaching method (eg, case reports or case study)93 (69.9)6.45±0.14
 Traditional in classroom teaching method (handouts, published articles or self-learning materials)40 (30.1)5.15±0.24
Contents of triage education3.31*0.001
 Advanced (eg, case discussion, communication skills)74 (55.6)6.43±0.20
 Basic (level of triage, triage assessment skills, physical assessment)59 (44.4)5.59±0.17
Triage education facility provided0.51*0.001
 Internal110 (82.7)6.09±0.30
 External23 (17.3)5.91±0.15