Table 1

Paediatric procedural sedation: demographics, agents used and procedures for RCH and SH

Pre-programme6 Months post-programme3 Years post-programme
RCH (n=50)SH (n=50)RCH (n=50)SH (n=50)RCH (n=50)SH (n=50)
Mean age (years)
Male:female (n)29:2136:1428:2233:1735:1527:23
Drugs used (n)
 Nitrous oxide431631314231
Procedures (n)
 Fracture reduce292011191616
 Laceration repair112726202214
 FB removal236417
 IV cannulation6131
Other procedures2641013
  • * Combination of agents: nitrous oxide/midazolam, nitrous oxide/fentanyl, midazolam/fentanyl, ketamine/midazolam, nitrous oxide/ketamine/midazolam given at the time of sedation.

  • Other procedures: examination under sedation, abscess drainage, hernia reduction, immunisation, lumbar puncture, urinary catheter insertion, relocation joint, application of plaster, foreskin release.

  • FB, foreign body; IV, intravenous; RCH, Royal Children's Hospital; SH, Sunshine Hospital.