Table 2

Evidence of recording of information or performance of key tasks in children undergoing procedural sedation: pre-programme, 6 months and 3 years post-programme for RCH and SH

DocumentedPre-PPS* Yes RCH6 months post-PPS* Yes RCHp ValuePre-PPS* Yes SH6 months post-PPS* Yes SHp Value3 years post-PPS* Yes RCH6 months vs 3 years post-PPS RCH p value3 years post-PPS* Yes SH6 months vs 3 years post-PPS SH p valueRCH vs SH 3 years post-PPS p value
Risk assess150<0.001037<0.001410.003210.001<0.001
Appropriate staff 050<0.001048<0.001420.00621<0.001<0.001
Written drug637<0.00132210.016330.001210.5890.016
Appropriate vitals 1536<0.00112220.035230.008180.4140.309
D/C handout§044<0.001017<0.00127<0.00190.2320.003
Depth sedation049<0.001025<0.001370.001100.002<0.001
  • * Based on n=50 at each time point at each hospital.

  • Definition: see Methods section.

  • No requirement to record pre-programme.

  • § Not available pre-programme.

  • DC, discharge; PPS, paediatric procedural sedation programme; RCH, Royal Children's Hospital; SH, Sunshine Hospital.