Table 2

Flow rates of devices

Intravenous catheterRate of flow with gravity (ml/min)Rate of flow with pressure (ml/min)Rate of flow with Bionector (ml/min)Percentage increase with pressurePercentage decrease with Bionector
14G 50 mm cannula236.1384.2138.362.7%−41.4%
14G 14 cm Abbocath197366131.385.8%−33.4%
16G 50 mm cannula154.7334.4109.6116.2%−29.2%
14G 15 cm Leadercath117.3211.1101.180%−13.8%
18G 45 mm cannula98.1153.180.356%−18.1%
16G distal port triple lumen central line69.4116.167.467.3%−2.88%
20G 33 mm cannula64.4105.158.563.2%−9.17%
22G 25 mm cannula35.771.434.7100%−2.80%
18G proximal port triple lumen central line29.779.328.7167%−3.37%