Table 3

Rates of direct supervision, according to whether the ED RSI took place inside or outside of normal office hours (9:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday)

Grade and specialty of doctor performing RSI*In office hoursOut of office hours
Number of RSIsNumber (%) supervisedNumber of RSIsNumber (%) supervised
Anaesthetic ST1/287 (88%)1711 (65%)
Anaesthetic ST 3+3526 (74%)9314 (15%)
Anaesthetic consultant138
Emergency medicine ST3+98 (89%)1812 (67%)
Emergency medicine consultant77
Total7241 (79%)14337 (29%)
  • * The senior house officer grade has been merged with specialist trainee (ST) years 1 and 2, while the previous registrar and specialist registrar grade and the staff or trust grade have been merged with ST year 3+. Data were missing for three patients.

  • –, Supervision not required.