Table 1

Rise in presentations to emergency departments (EDs)

Australia2007/0820% of total population visited an ED, with 28% admitted to hospital
National average of 321 presentations per 1000 persons
2003/04National average of 202 presentations per 1000 persons6
1999/00–2005/06Average annual increase of 5.3%7
2004/05–2006/07Average annual increase of 6.9%8
New Zealand2003/04–2007/07National average growth of 20% in presentations2
UK2008/0918% of the total population visited an ED, with 20% admitted to hospital
2002/03–2008/09Average annual increase of 5.9%1
Switzerland1996–1999Average annual increase of 5.9%5
Canada1993–1999increase in ED presentations by 27.5%3
USA1996–2006National growth of 32%
Average annual increase of 3.2%
1990–1999National average of 405 visits per 1000 persons4
Total number of visits to California EDs increased by 27%9