Table 7

Multivariate analysis of factors linked to intent to leave the profession (ITL) among emergency physicians and among a representative sample of French salaried physicians

Representative sample of French salaried physicians (N=1531)Emergency physicians (N=504)Female emergency physicians (N=179)Male emergency physicians (N=312)
NAdj ORp95% CINAdj ORp95% CINAdj ORp95% CINAdj ORp95% CI
 35–445461.15ns0.56 to 2.37801.97ns0.67 to 5.81
 45–545291.44ns0.70 to 2.96281.24ns0.29 to 5.32
 >553553.27**1.57 to 6.77612.72*1.43 to 113.17
Proposals of another work post within last 12 months
 Yes from within the health sector6021.59**1.14 to 2.222081.54ns0.90 to 2.61601.53ns0.57 to 4.121451.34ns0.66 to 2.75
 Yes from outside the health sector1632.08**1.32 to 3.29573.14**1.50 to 6.56196.54*1.48 to 28.83372.76*1.04 to 7.34
Continuous education (12 months)
 No931.59*1.13 to 3.21
Burnout score (general burnout CBI)
 High6591.43*1.02 to 2.012643.87***2.15 to 6.961196.30**1.59 to 24.941353.18**1.57 to 6.48
Burnout score (patient-related burnout CBI)
 High3532.31***1.68 to 3.161642.06**1.25 to 3.38562.74*1.09 to 6.881071.84ns (0.06)0.97 to 3.48
Workweek duration
 <50 h881.00
 ≥50 h912.69*1.04 to 6.95
Quality of teamwork
 Medium7131.50ns (0.07)0.96 to 2.332412.60ns (0.06)0.96 to 7.021452.34ns0.64 to 8.55
 Low3683.92***2.45 to 6.291494.35**1.55 to 12.21966.55**1.73 to 24.76
Relations with administration
 Hostile-tense6491.50**1.11 to 2.02
Worried about making mistakes
 Often9031.61**1.17 to 2.232192.38*1.08 to 5.27
Harassment by superiors
 Monthly +822.89***1.61 to 5.18324.04**1.47 to 11.15
Influence at work
 Low873.44*1.29 to 9.18
Satisfaction with pay
 Low6431.33ns (0.06)0.98 to 1.79
  • All the significant variables in bivariate analysis were included in the multivariate model and removed step by step when non-significant.

  • *p<0.05; **p<0.01; ***p<0.001; ns, not significant.

  • Not included in the final model but shown as the trend is similar.