Table 6

Glossary of terms

HypoperfusionACCP/SCCM definitions: a SBP <90 mm Hg, mean blood pressure <65 mm Hg, a fall in SBP of >40 mm Hg, or a lactate of >2 mmol/l
ShockThe persistence of hypoperfusion despite fluid challenges
Cryptic shockHyperlactataemia (>2 mmol/l) despite normal blood pressure.
Resuscitation bundleCombined evidence-based goals from the SSC that must be completed within 6 h for patients with severe sepsis, septic shock and/or lactate >4 mmol/l
Sepsis sixAn operationalised version of the non-specialist tasks from within the resuscitation bundle (extras oxygen, urine output monitoring, exclusions: central venous access and vasopressors)
Early goal-directed therapyA goal-directed resuscitation strategy to achieve predefined endpoints such as mixed venous oxygen saturation, base deficit, lactate and pH
  • ACCP/SCCM, American College of Chest Physicians/Society of Critical Care Medicine; SBP, systolic blood pressure; SSC, Surviving Sepsis Campaign.