Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics of the ventricular arrhythmia (VA) and non-VA groups

VA group (n=9)Non-VA group (n=82)p value
Age (years)55±6.665±11.50.009*
Gender, male/female, n (%)8/163/190.367
Smoker6 (66.7)44 (53.7)0.210
Diabetes mellitus1 (11.1)12 (14.6)0.622
Initial heart rate (bpm)80±1779±180.755
Laboratory data
 WBC (per cm3)11.4±4.0510.5±3.000.325
 Glucose (mg/dl)162±80.2153±66.90.989
 Serum potassium (mEq/l)3.6±0.333.9±0.350.034*
 sAA activity (U/ml)395±173.7283±89.30.014*
Anterior infarction, n (%)6 (66.7)49 (59.8)0.367
  • Continuous variables are presented as mean±SD.

  • Percent values are in parenthesis.

  • * p<0.05 between two groups.

  • sAA, salivary α-amylase; WBC, white blood cell.