Table 3

Demographic and clinical characteristics of the adverse outcome and no adverse outcome groups

Adverse outcome group (n=24)No adverse outcome group (n=67)p value
Age (years)63±11.264±11.60.804
Gender, male/female, n (%)18/653/140.775
Smoker16 (66.7)34 (50.7)0.134
Diabetes mellitus4 (16.7)9 (13.4)0.738
Initial heart rate (bpm)84±1878±180.309
Laboratory data
 WBC (per cm3)10.5±3.3010.6±3.060.928
 Glucose (mg/dl)157±52.4152±73.00.167
 Serum potassium (mEq/l)3.8±0.353.8±0.360.968
 sAA activity (U/ml)334±81.0282±110.10.002*
 Anterolateral infarction, n (%)16 (66.7)39 (58.2)0.627
  • Continuous variables are presented as mean±SD.

  • Percent values are in parenthesis.

  • * p<0.05 between two groups.

  • sAA, salivary α-amylase; WBC, white cell.