Table 5

Comparison (χ2) of disposal options between consultant, middle grade and senior house officer (SHO) nights

Consultant vs middle gradesConsultant vs SHOMiddle grades vs SHO
Admissionsχ2=0.25, df=1, p=0.62χ2=4.98, df=1, p=0.026χ2=6.43, df=1, p=0.011
Dischargedχ2=2.83, df=1, p=0.093χ2=23.23, df=1, p<0.001χ2=5.85, df=1, p=0.016
Referred to emergency department clinicχ2=0.01, df=1, p=0.91χ2=0.48, df=1, p=0.49χ2=0.24, df=1, p=0.62
Did not waitχ2=8.82, df=1, p=0.003χ2=12.36, df=1, p<0.001χ2=0.04, df=1, p=0.85