Table 1

Aggregated survey results showing variability in data collection, availability, capability and utilisation of pre-hospital critical care resources. No hospital with a medical team able to provide 24/7 critical care reported deployment four or more times a month. Note that London HEMS, an air ambulance service able to provide 24/7 critical care, based at the Royal London Hospital, is recorded as operating independently from the emergency department

NHS Ambulance service surveyBASICS surveyAir ambulance surveyHospital emergency department survey
Ambulance service NHS trustDoctors available (n)Doctors requested (incidents)Doctors attended (incidents)BASICS affiliated schemes (n)Doctors in schemes (n)Critical care capable (% of doctors)Air ambulance operations (n)Estimated doctor availability (days/ week)Pre-hospital team 24/7 (number of departments)Critical care capability (number of departments)
South WesternNot known38043030936941704030
South CentralNot known7709664278122–351
South East CoastNot known672785116192720
LondonNot known1121001710
WalesNot known210503071
Great WesternNot known15611311871318281010
West MidlandsNot known2401286914231693446613361
East MidlandsNot known112213243254836–7120
East of EnglandNot known572514740
North West42630497437335427302091
North East1661303710
Northern IrelandNot known19330021