Table 2

Classification of reason for attending the emergency department (ED)

ReasonsnWtStrength of reason for attending ED
Availability of other services
 I don't have a GP67Medium
 My GP was not available4344Medium
 Nowhere else has 24 h open access6965Weak
Awareness of other services
 I didn't know where else to go4646Weak
 I am not aware of any other services3636Weak
 I don't know what other services are open…4943Weak
 I don't know if my GP is available1617Weak
Patient preferences
 I didn't want to see my GP66Medium
 I can't always see the GP I would like66Medium
 I didn't want to bother my GP78Medium
 I wanted to see the nurse practitioner1515Medium
Positive experiences of ED
 I've used the ED before and was happy…6062Strong
 I'm confident in the ED system7474Strong
Processes and patient's time
 My GP would only refer me here anyway3638Medium
 I would have to wait for a GP appointment4851Medium
 I think I will be seen quicker here…1715Medium
Convenience of access
 The ED is nearer than any other service2926Medium
 It's easier to get to than any other service1818Medium
Perceptions of seriousness
 I wanted to see a specialist2121Strong
 I consider the condition an emergency3632Strong
 I wanted to see a doctor a.s.a.p.9896Strong
 I thought I might need to go into hospital2021Strong
 I don't know whether it is broken or not5761Strong
Seeking reassurance
 I need reassuring that … is not serious9187Medium
 I wanted a second opinion2526Medium
Other directed[114][111]
 …advised by friends/family3638Medium
 …advised by other clinicians7883Strong
Seeking particular services
 I thought I needed an x-ray8488Strong
 I thought I might need a tetanus injection1211Medium
 I thought I might need a blood test45Medium
 I thought it needed stitches2826Medium