Table 2

Total potential costs of the basic EFAR training

Basic EFAR trainingItemsCostRecurrenceExpected total
Start-up costsNetbook laptop LED projector Splints/bandagesUS$300 US$400 US$000ONCE ONCE ONCEUS$700 TOTAL
Ongoing costs
 Instructor's wagesPer course taught Per additional dayUS$60.00 US$20.004 per month 1 per monthUS$3120 per YEAR
 Course costsPer handout Per final examPer certificate + ID Per first aid kit Extra costsUS$00.25 US$00.25US$00.50 US$02.00 US$50.00100 trainees per month 100 trainees per month 75 trainees per month 75 trainees per month1 per monthUS$3450 per YEAR
  • EFAR, emergency first aid responder.