Table 2

Selection of patients for TH

Factors stated in selecting patients for TH post paediatric cardiac arrest (n=25)n (%)
On advice from PICU17 (68)
Likelihood of patient recovery after the arrest8 (32)
Absence of life limiting condition6 (24)
Availability of equipment6 (24)
Reasons stated for not using TH post paediatric cardiac arrest (n=42)n (%)
No equipment available11 (26)
Not enough research evidence10 (24)
Not advocated by regional PICU10 (24)
Not in the advanced paediatric life support guidelines9 (21)
Rapid transfer to PICU where TH is usually started6 (14)
Technically too difficult6 (14)
Not considered for children3 (7)
Not an emergency department priority or too infrequent3 (7)
The cooling method available is too slow2 (5)
  • PICU, Paediatric Intensive Care Unit; TH, therapeutic hypothermia.