Table 2

Telephone follow-up successful (n=56); demographics, Glasgow Outcome Score-Extended and EQ-5D results

N (%)
Occupation (n=47)
 Student10 (21)
 Other tradespersons4 (8)
 Construction3 (6)
 Immediate sales and related workers3 (6)
 Business and administration associate professionals2 (4)
 Business IT2 (4)
 Other associate professionals2 (4)
 Immediate service workers2 (4)
 Intermediate plant operators2 (4)
 Managing supervisors2 (4)
 Associate professionals2 (4)
 Other19 (40)
 Returned to work after OHCA32 (68)
 Returned to same role22 (47)
Education (n=56)
 Advanced diploma, diploma or certificate17 (30)
 Bachelor degree9 (16)
 Did not go to school1 (1)
 Other3 (5)
 Postgraduate degree3 (5)
 Year 12 or equivalent7 (13)
 Year 8 or equivalent3 (5)
 Year 9–11 or equivalent13 (24)
Living situation (n=56)
 Home (independent)47 (84)
 Home (with additional care)7 (12)
 Nursing Home2 (4)
Glasgow Outcome Score-Extended
 Is the person able to obey simple commands? Yes56 (100)
 Is the assistance of another person at home essential every day for ADLs? Yes9 (16)
 Was this necessary prior to the OHCA? Yes2 (3.5)
 Are they able to shop without assistance? Yes47 (84)
 Are they able to travel locally without assistance? Yes47 (84)
 Are they currently able to work to previous capacity? Yes23 (41)
 Are they able to resume regular social and leisure activities outside? Yes31 (55)
 Are there psychological problems resulting in family or friendship disruptions? Yes0 (0)
 Are there any other current problems due to OHCA affecting daily life? Yes6 (11)
EQ-5D (n=56)
  No problems42 (75)
  Some problems11 (19.6)
  Confined to bed3 (5.3)
 Personal care
  No problems42 (75)
  Some problems11 (19.6)
  Unable to wash or dress yourself3 (5.4)
 Usual activities
  No problems performing usual activities37 (66)
  Some problems14 (25)
  Unable5 (9)
 Pain or discomfort
  No pain or discomfort40 (71.4)
  Moderate15 (26.8)
  Extreme0 (0)
  Unknown1 (1.8)
 Anxiety or depression
  Not anxious or depressed22 (39.3)
  Moderately anxious27 (48.2)
  Extremely anxious7 (12.5)
  • OHCA, out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.