Table 4

Södersjukhuset Self-Harm Rule (SoS-4)* as applied to the Swedish dataset according to different cut-off points

Cut-off point 0.14Cut-off point 0.33
Södersjukhuset Self-Harm RuleRepeaterNon-repeaterTotalRepeaterNon-repeaterTotal
Moderate/high risk27999312725179130
Low risk3022225225811361394
Total cases3091215152430912151524
Positive predictive values22%39%
Negative predictive values88%81%
Proportion repeater20%20%
  • *The Södersjukhuset Self-Harm Rule includes the variables: gender, history of self-harm, current psychiatric treatment and antidepressant treatment. Individuals with an estimated risk above the cut-off point are predicted to have a moderate/high risk of repetition.