Table 2

Index and reference standard tests used in studies of heart-type fatty acid-binding protein

StudyIndex test analyserThreshold (μg/l)Reference test assay and timingReference Tn threshold (μg/l)MI prevalence in sample (%)
Body 201112 Alere fluorescence immunoassay58Roche elecsys TnT at least 12 h after symptom onset0.0118%
Cete 201013 CardioDetect6.2TnT, assay not reported, at 6 h0.133%
Charpentier 201014 CardioDetect7Advia Centaur TnI system at 6 h0.115%
Di Serio 200515 Randox evidence investigator6.4Not specifiedNot specified53%
Ecollan 200716 CardioDetect7Stratus CS, Dade Behring TnI test at anytime point over 24 h0.0751%
Garcia-Valdecasas 201117 Dainippon pharmaceutical ELISA6.2Dade dimension TnI, timing not stated0.639%
Haltern 201018 HyCult biotechnology ELISA7Roche Elecsys TnT at 12 h0.0333%
Hjortshoj 201019 HyCult biotechnology ELISA6.0Roche Elecsys TnT after 6–9 h, and 12–24 h0.0333%
Ilva 200920 Innotrac Aio! immunoanalyzer10.4Abbott architect STAT TnI up to 24 h0.03246%
Lefebrve 200721 CardioDetect6.2Dade Behring RxL TnI and Siemens centaur TnI0.14 and 0.3348%
Li 201022 Wuhan easy diagnosis biomedicine Co7TnT, assay not specified, at 12 h0.150%
Liao 200923 CardioDetect7Not specified0.573%
Mad 200724 CardioDetect7TnT, assay not specified, at 10–12 h0.0439%
McCann 200825 HyCult biotechnology ELISA1.2Roche Elecsys TnT at 12 h0.0348%
Mion 200726 Evidence cardiac panel6.02Dimension RxL TnI, timing not stated0.1532%
Naroo 200927 CardioDetect7TN, assay not specified, at 6–12 h113%
Valle 200728 CardioDetect7TnT, assay not specified, at 6–12 hNot stated35%
  • MI, myocardial infarction; TnT, troponin T.